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KHEL (Knowledge Hub for Education and Learning) is our flagship after-school supplementary education program. Over 10000 children and youth have benefitted from our free supplementary education and computer training programme in the past five years across our two learning centres in Patna and Nalanda. We envision establishing open learning spaces for socially and economically disadvantaged children and youth. It is not limited to supporting the child with the acquisition of basic literacy but also focused on holistic learning so that the child grows in a manner that enables them to maximise their potential.

Our KHEL Programme aims to provide holistic education to children and youth belonging to socially and economically disadvantaged communities in India. We envision that every child and young person enrolled in our KHEL centre would have the opportunity for holistic education. Each learner would get access to academic opportunities, a chance for social and emotional development, so they become responsible and ethical global citizens. 


Diksha works with the approach of alternative education. Our non-conventional techniques create more autonomy and freedom for both the learners and the teachers. 

Each child is given individual attention, wherein their learning needs and requirements are understood and catered. The curriculum has been made taking into consideration the healthy growth of each child. Diksha’s approach creates space for its students to spend one-on-one time with their teachers, as a result of which, the mentors can pay more attention to the children. The pace at which the world is evolving, experiential learning methods form a crucial part of Diksha’s pedagogical approach, including using teaching-learning materials, Visual learning. The idea is to nurture and nourish creativity in young minds to take on the contemporary world with courage and confidence. 

All Classes Include:

  • Classroom Management
  • Physical, Lingual, Socio-emotional, & Cognitive development
  • Mentoring and individual assistance
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Peer Group
  • Youth Group (10th+)
  • Jagrik Civic Education Programme
  • Parents Teacher Meeting
  • Health Camp.
  • COVID-relief Campaign
  • Annual celebrations.
  • International Day celebrations 




Child-friendly environment with a low teacher-student ratio (1:30) and using teaching/learning materials like activity books, library books, & flashcards to enhance learning outcomes.



Every class will have 15 minutes of playtime. In addition, on Sundays, theatre, drama, music, group discussions, quizzes, movie screenings will be organized.


A peer support group comprising volunteers & students of Grade 9 & 10 will participate in self-study & activities happening at the centres. They will act as a resource person for the younger students, who can provide guidance & encouragement instilling confidence in them.




This innovative platform provides students with the opportunity to actively participate in the running of the centre through a democratic process that is above gender, caste, creed. This unique exercise helps root education in the local context & builds appropriate & relevant life skills.




Our aim is to make our centre inclusive by initiating the process of significant behavioural change amongst the educators & children & developing and collective ownership of what goes on in the classrooms, staff room and playground



Through Access Program, we are focusing on the enhancement of 21st-century skills like creative skills, analytical skills, and technological skills, also through programs like Jagrik and MLMF  life skill program, we work on awareness creation of youths of rights and duties and also, prevent early childhood marriage. It aims to create a space where adolescents & young people can come together to learn about themselves, their aspirations & learn from each other.


Made by Students


Priyanka Kumari
Priyanka Kumari an alumni of Diksha KHEL center has joined Bihar Police. She is now an inspiration to many other students of her community.
Maya Kumari

Maya is an alumni of KHEL PATNA , Maya is currently working as a teacher in the KHEL Patna center and is also pursuing her Masters in Sociology from JD Women’s College Patna. She has also served as a outreach worker in the Smart City Project.

She joined Diksha as a student in 2012 and since then she has been a part of many program and workshops.

From Our Students

Diksha has given me the space to learn learn language like English and develop basic IT skills like MS word, excel etc. I don’t feel good when the center is closed, I feel like it should be opened all the time.

- Anshu Kumari

Through KHEL center and its activities, I was fortunate enough to learn about  civic education, 21st century skills through Jagrik program and Access session.

-Sonu Kumar

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