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Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers the most basic question that we get about our Foundation. For further details regarding donations please refer to the next section. For any other query, please email us on
What is the belief behind Diksha Foundation?
Our idea of education is not confined to mere literacy alone, we focus on the holistic education of the child by looking at the social, creative and moral development of each student. While seeking to educate the whole person the basic three R’s – Relationships, Responsibility and Reverence for all life, are taken into consideration. We believe that education is a journey of self-discovery, self-love and self-esteem, and that it is a process of change from within, a change in one’s habits and world views and one’s Relationships and Responsibilities towards the community.
What is the working model of Diksha Foundation?
  • Creating vibrant learning spaces – In doing so, we give a chance to an individual to develop self esteem. We believe in improvising the physical and experiential aspects of our learning spaces. We have implemented  Children’s parliament – in an attempt to promote democracy, and Open house meetings – a platform where students are encouraged to take part and question fearlessly and seek answers. With this, children build relationships with others, children also learn about inclusive values. 
  • Bridging the digital divide – To effectively break out of the poverty cycle, children and youth from underprivileged communities need access to and build comfort with new kinds of technologies. We are equipping children with technological tools so that they not only learn how to access digital tools as consumers but they also become equal participants in creating technology through programming and other tools. 
  • Reverence for Life – Reverence for life explains how we must give the same care and respect to others that we wish for ourselves. In Diksha we focus on teaching youth and children the importance of moral virtues linked with issues of peace & justice, and responsibility towards other life forms and nature. 
Who all are the target beneficiaries?
Our work revolves around the most marginalised communities in Hilsa, their families have been poor for many generations. Their parents are mostly rickshaw pullers, waiters, small shop owners or they earn their livelihood from manual labour. Each day the first priority for them is to earn enough to feed their families. They hardly have the time and energy left to think about their children’s education and schooling, something nobody in their families would have done.  Due to this, the education of their children suffers and has a nominal value to them. 
What is the concept of 5th Space?
5th Space is about living and creating an experience for others where values like ownership, trust, entrepreneurship and leadership are nurtured. Being or Creating a 5th Space is no less than nurturing a garden with hundreds of beautiful plants, each with different needs requiring special attention and consistent care.
What are the awards/accreditation received till date?
Diksha has been awarded “Gold accreditation” by CPA Services, Delhi,  an organisation that promotes accountability and sustainability amongst organisations in the non-profit and CSR sector. The accreditation has been given in the area of Governance, Financial Management, Internal Control System and Legal Compliance under “Organisational Capacity Enhance Program 2018-19”  

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