English Access Microscholarship Program

Access is a two year global scholarship program supported by the U.S. Department of State that provides a foundation of English language skills to bright, economically disadvantaged students, primarily aged 13
to 20 through After-School classes with Enhancement Activities, and Intensive Sessions.


English Access Micro-scholarship Program 

After School Instructional Classes

290 hours classes

After School Instruction can occur before school, after school, or on weekends and generally takes place 1 to 5 days a week with each session typically lasting 1-3 hours per day.

Enhancement Activities           70 hours classes

Enhancement Activities are in addition to regular After School classroom instruction. These activities are opportunities for students to practice their English and learn new skills. Enhancement Activities include Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Computer or Technology instruction, experiential learning activities that focus on U.S. Culture and Values, Professional Development, or Community Service.

Intensive Sessions

36 hours classes

Intensive Sessions should be held at times when students are not normally in school, such as a winter or summer break, and are often 1-4 week long events. In Intensive Sessions, students attend the program between 3 to 8 hours per day, for multiple consecutive days. Additionally, Intensive Sessions may be held in the same location as the After School program (on-site), in a different location other than the After School program (off-site), or a combination of both on-site and off-site locations.

Photo Walk!

Students from Access Patna went for a photowalk and explored Patan Zoo, captured moments with the learnt skill of photography and had an amazing experience of the good culture and etiquette of the American food chain KFC.

Women’s Day Celebration

Women’s History Month, commemorating International Women’s Day celebration in front of  Consul General Melinda Pavek.

Black History Month

Students from Access Patna and Kolkata collaborated together to celebrate the Black History Month which was witnessed by the guest of honour, the Public Affairs Officer Adrian Pratt.

Every success story started with a dream!

Hema, Prince and Aryan participated in Amity Film festival and Prince and Aryan bagged first and second prize for their film “Mothers’ football team” and “Images and us”. 

While Hema’s film “Don’t shy with red spot” got special mention

Access student Prince  and Aryan got selected as 75 creative minds of tomorrow at 52nd international film festival of India held in Goa.

Yamini bagged second position in a competition organized by Patna University with Medha in order to encourage women entrepreneurs in Bihar



International Youth Day 

Children celebrated International Youth Day by performing an amazing piece by Amanda Gorman- The Hill we climb, which is a crucial for youth leaders and learners like Access students.

Trick of Treat

Children celebrated the magical festival of Hallowen and dressed up as different scary characters from stories of ghots and goblins to hollywood mobie charatcers such as Harley Quin to Joker and wished everyone a spook-tacular Hallowen and a great fall season

Comics Can be a source of Learning?

Children Experience a great way of learning and expressing their thoughts through digital comic making, and make learning and expressing ideas more fun in the era of digital learning

Pride Month Celebration-Let's paint it Rainbow

“Celebrating Pride and a talk on inclusive vocabulary in a work place environment.” Students got an idea about the Pride movement, history and it’s impact on current day. We also got an idea on how US has come out as one of the strongest allies for Queer rights. In the second part of the session students got to introduced to gender inclusive languages and how it can help them in becoming more accepting and inclusive.


What Our Students Say

“When I joined Access classes, I use to be very scared of what Didi use to teach us, even though I knew the answers was not confident to share it in front of everyone or you can say could not speak at all, but now enjoy the classes and activities”

Priyanka Kumari

Access student of Cohort-1 (2020-2022 batch)

“Access has been a great opportunity for me, where I not only learnt about various global topics and skills but also met people who helped me improve myself as a person but also helped me to fight my fear and insecurities”

Samriddhi Sinha

Access student of Cohort-2 (2020-2022 batch)