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Diksha Foundation offers holistic education to children from socially and economically marginalized communities in India. Since 2010, Diksha’s movement has been towards creating “transformative learning spaces for children”.


Our Environment

Diksha’s idea of education is not confined to mere literacy alone, it focuses on the holistic education of the child by looking at the social, creative and moral development of each student. The three R’s – Relationships, Responsibility and Reverence for all life are taken into consideration while imparting education. We believe that education is a journey of self-discovery, self-love and self-esteem, and that it is a process of change from within, a change in one’s habits and world views and one’s Relationships and Responsibilities towards the community.

Location: Diksha Foundation, House of Dr. Ashok Singh

Patliputra Path, Rajendra Nagar, Patna 800016 

Telephone: 91 9835055503

Email: contact@dikshafoundation.org

Working Hours: Monday-Saturday: 11 am – 6pm


Freedom–  In an environment where there is freedom, there is a self-motivated growth among children and adolescents which helps in the development and nurturing of a child’s natural desire for knowledge, understanding and respect. We strive to provide such an environment so that children, youth and the team have easy access to a space that increases their curiosity, questioning and problem-solving skills.

JoyAs a culture, we are obsessed with the pursuit of happiness, and yet in the process, we kind of overlook joy, having an environment full of joy attracts the energy of children and make them involved in the learning activities with full enthusiasm. This helps in removing the culture of “pressure and overload” and learning just happens. 

Democracy – Having a democratic environment makes Diksha an inclusive and accessible for all space. Another aspiration with this value of Democracy, is to develop the skills of demanding rights and an understanding of responsibility for our own actions. An individual who lives in a democratic environment will develop the values of peace and security and will have a clear cut understanding of human rights.

In Loving memory


Badi Maa, (1956-2019) the epitome of kindness & compassion, was a teacher, a friend, philosopher, guide and a role model for all who came in contact. She was loved by her students for her simplicity, elegance and caring nature. She taught us to be content with what we have. A cheerful soul who spread only happiness and positivity aĺl around wherever she was. She will forever be cherised by us in our memories and reflected in our work.”


Our Story

In 1997, a group of school friends from Don Bosco Academy, Patna volunteered for community service and dreamed about working to improve the state of education in their native state of Bihar. Thirteen years later, they got together and set up Diksha Foundation to offer education to children and youth from socially and economically marginalized communities.

We started Diksha in 2010, and as have grown up and were brought up in Bihar the management team often observed that though they were privileged and had access to education but that was not true for many of the children in Bihar, at that time Bihar’s literacy rate was lowest in the country counting to 47%. The overall infrastructure of education was quite poor, things started to change post the new govt. was established in 2005.

Diksha Foundation was started with the motive of providing education to underprivileged children of society. However, at Diksha, we never defined education as something that is concerned with just grades and scores in different subjects. We have tried to incorporate education with the overall development of children for their holistic growth. This has enabled children at Diksha to pursue their dreams and careers. Over the years, we have helped children from marginalized communities to get a decent opportunity in order to explore themselves.


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Location: C1, Shanti Vihar Colony, Ambedkar Path, Jagdeo Path, Patna, Bihar- 800014

Telephone: +91 9430011709

Email: contact@dikshafoundation.org

School Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 11AM to 6PM


Diksha Foundation is a non-profit organisation. We do not represent any political parties or religious beliefs. We do not partner with organisations that do not have documented policies for safeguarding their beneficiaries (children, youth or students) and staff against exploitation. 

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