Poonji Project


Poonji project aims to provide grants to financially marginalized women or groups of women, who do manual work or marginal business to support their family. 


The Idea

As the biggest difference between the rich and the rest is money,  micro-entrepreneurs like vegetable selling, small ration shops, tailors, beauticians, etc. face great deal of difficulty in order to meet their basic needs as well as strengthen their livilihood. 

As a part of the Poonji project we have created 10 selfhelp groups of 100 members respectively.

And these SHGs offers credit to the SHG in the form of both loans and grants, the interest generated is further used for the sustainability of the SHG. We also work on strengthening these SHG groups by providing regular training on different topics viz. handling finances, sustaining the group, sales and retailing skills

In the medium and longer run, we will help the SHG members in expanding their business and building some wealth in association with other community focused enterprises


Patna, Bihar, India

These groups are formed in 10 different slums of Patna, the focus areas Lalu Nagar, Rukanpura, Haj Bahwan, Shashtrti nagar, PWD, Board Colony, PHD, Kaushal Nagar etc


SHG Formations

In the given areas we have formed 10 different groups of SHG in order to support these women and financially strngthen these women and promote enterprenurship activties in these women.

With Whom

Over 100 Micro-Entrepreneurs

with 100 women, each group consists of micro enterprenuers who are willing to learn and support their family

Story of strength and Deciation-Pooja

Pooja is a micro entrepreneur from Shashtri Nagar, she is a very dedicated and hardworking member, she not only is helojg her family by providing them financial aid but also keeps encouraging her mother and sister and all the other members of the community to learn and be self independent.
Pooja believes that if the women of the family are educated they will make sure that none of their future generation is deprived of good life and education.
Didi aaplog jab aaye na toh laga laga humlog bhi kuch kar sakte hai, padhai ke sath sath sikh bhi sakte hai aur ghar bhi chala sakte hai… Dekhiyega ek din yaha sablog kaam karegi aur aap hi ko sikhana parega” 

Once I understood the importance of education and money, I understood the benefit it will provide to me and my children, I am greatful that with each passing day I am learning new things and able to educate my family about the same- Raveena Devi, Haj Bhawan, Patna

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