Bihar Youth Collective

Bihar Youth Collective, in collaboration with Commutiny- The Youth Collective contributes to strengthening of  state collective so as to create and sustain a youth centric ecosystem in the state. As like-minded organizations, driven to envision the objectives, values and design principles to strengthen adolescent participation along the state. 12 organizations have been finalized as institutions capacitated to meet the proposed scale and ability to co-create, co-lead and co-owned. The journey of a collective, brings in their own unique experiences and strategies. Activities seeking and building partnerships with relevant stakeholders , govt institution, funders etc to further nurture the collective. Diksha is responsible for the facilitation and implementation of ‘Be A Jagrik’ toolkit with 11 member organisations.


Co-create a youth and adolescent- centric ecosystem to strengthen psychosocial, economic renewal of the country, making a more equitable and inclusive India, which upholds, celebrates and nurtures Constitutional values.

A national eco-system of gender-responsive and equitable youth organizations co-created to strengthen adolescent participation across Bihar.

A leadership journey developed for adolescents to enhance the skills of participation and engagement with local duty bearers through an adolescent participation tool.

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