English Access Micro-scholarship program (also called Access Program) is a two-year global flagship project funded by the US State Department in which after-school English and personality development classes are provided to socio-economically disadvantaged youth in the age group of 13 – 22 years. As a part of their course work, Access students gain an appreciation for American culture and democratic values, civic consciousness, and critical thinking skills along with an enhanced capacity to compete for future U.S. exchanges and higher education programs in the country. Access Program is implemented by select partner institutions and jointly managed by the Regional English Language Office of the US Embassy in New Delhi and US Consulates in 20 locations across India.

Program Objectives

The goal of the Access Program is to prepare students who have a minimal knowledge of English, with effective communication and critical thinking skills through meaningful interaction, cooperative learning strategies, and real-life contexts. We hope these skills will lead to better jobs, educational opportunities, and the ability to participate in and compete for future exchanges and study in the United States.