Knowledge Hub For Education And Learning (KHEL)

KHEL is an after school remedial supplementary program. It was started in December 2010 with an objective to provide holistic education to children. Our work particularly focuses on marginalized communities in India belonging to scheduled castes and resource-poor communities; we have completed eight years and aspire to bring in a positive impact among the learners.
Our idea of education is not confined to mere literacy alone; we focus on the holistic education of the child by looking at the social, creative and moral development of each student. Through peer learning, children support and motivate each other.

Classroom Management
A child-friendly space enables children with an environment that is physically safe, emotionally secure and psychologically enabling. KHEL creates a child-friendly environment in the classroom with a low teacher-student ratio (1:23) and by using modern teaching learning materials, we ensure better understanding. Technology including tablets, computers and use of multimedia is supported at the centers to enhance learning outcomes.
Computer Training
Beyond supplementary education, Computer training for girls and women is also imparted at our center. Our Digital literacy program is benefiting hundreds of women and girls every year.
Creative Learning Processes
We have created a learning space where children co-create an environment that encourages creativity and innovation. Creative learning processes are intended to develop young people’s own creative thinking or behavior. KHEL provides an environment that sparks a love of learning in the children; we try to build an inclusive and holistic space by establishing connections between Interpersonal and intra-personal tangents.


Bal Sansad We believe in improving the physical and experiential aspects of our learning spaces. We have implemented ‘Children’s parliament to promote democracy. In doing so, we give a chance to students to develop leadership skills, teamwork and problem solving skills. The objectives of BAL SANSAD were inspired by value and respect for children’s opinions and capabilities.
Open House Meeting A platform where students are encouraged to take part, question fearlessly and seek answers. Open house meetings occur monthly, where minutes of the last meeting and PowerPoint presentations of the work are done. It provides a specific opportunity for the students to voice their concerns and ideas. It is chaired by the prime minister of BAL Sansad who reviews previous work done and discusses the problems of other students.
Supplementary Education is believed to be an important vehicle for channeling direct support to a variety of communities. KHEL works on providing support to its students in subjects such as English, Hindi and Mathematics. Supplementary education program also focuses on computer education and familiarizes them with the latest technologies.
Arts and Craft “Kabaad se Jugaad” is organized every year at KHEL. The creative instinct of our students comes to the forefront when the participants make Craft materials with the theme of “Kabaad se Jugaad”. Art and craft is a fun-filled activity for the students, they also learn to reuse and recycle waste.
Matrix Mela is a yearly activity, celebrating the great mathematician, Ramanujan’s birthday. The day is filled with tasks and activities on games around calculations. Matrix Mela creates a web of magical symbols and notation of mathematics. Through this program, the children appreciate the usefulness, power and beauty of mathematics. The objective is to enable the children to develop patience and persistence while solving problems.

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