Neeraj Kumar Memorial Learning Center

Project Description

The KHEL (Knowledge Hubs for Education and Learning) model has been operational at the Niraj Kumar Memorial Learning Centre in Hilsa, a sub-division of Nalanda district in Bihar since April, 2011. It offers supplementary education to children studying in government schools and remedial education to school dropouts.

Project Details

Project Partners: Media Guru & Alok Charitable Trust
Key Offerings : Supplementary Education & Skill Development


Project Feature

KHEL idealises the learning process of a child derived through both studying and playing, and this forms the basis of how we implement our activities at the centre. From picture-based learning to group studying – everything is kept as interesting and easy to learn as possible.

Community Profile

We are currently working with two communities. The railway station community resides near the Hilsa railway station, most members of which work for the Hilsa Municipality as sweepers. Belonging to the Dom caste, this community is our primary beneficiary and biggest challenge. The second is the Mayee Gaon community which resides in Mayee Gaon, Hilsa. Most of its members are drivers and belong to the Ravidas caste. Students from more underprivileged communities as Bihari Road, Kausik Nagar, Teen Rukhiaya and others are also enrolled after we have identified their need and family background – that is, whether their parents are daily wage workers or labourers.

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