Our Programs


We are trying to develop an open learning space for the economically and socially disadvantaged children and youth. The project began from inspiration drawn from the work of Manzil in New Delhi. Our approach has been influenced by our target audience who belong to vulnerable communities in Bihar. We started off with basic literacy classes, but with the knowledge acquired we have redefined our focus as holistic learning so that the child is able to achieve her/his potential. The project includes supplementary/remedial education to address the issue of basic literacy and adoption of child friendly methods of learning…more


Diksha Foundation is a partner of the Center for Research on Alternatives, a small social experiment based in New Delhi, India. Together we are working to create a safe and vibrant space for the children of a large urban slum called Kusumpur Pahari in New Delhi. Our Center is called Madhyaam, and is a learning, living space where children come and create learning experiences for themselves. The idea behind the experiment is to see if creative, non violent and vibrant spaces increase the learning ability of children living in economically weaker communities…more


The Prarabdh project is a collaborating venture with the Alok Charitable Trust (www.alokcharitabletrust.org) .The project is located in the District of Bullandshehr in Uttar Pradesh in a village called Gangagarh. The SRB Alok School was set up under the aegis of the Alok Charitable Trust in the village in 1988. The Prarabdh project is designed to facilitate the learning journeys of the 850 students, and 27 staff members of the school. As part of the program a fully equipped computer lab and library have been established in the school. These facilities are usually unavailable in rural schools in India…more