Diksha Foundation is a partner of the Center for Research on Alternatives, a small social experiment based in New Delhi, India. Together we are working to create a safe and vibrant space for the children of a large urban slum called Kusumpur Pahari in New Delhi. Our Center is called Madhyaam, and is a learning, living space where children come and create learning experiences for themselves. The idea behind the experiment is to see if creative, non violent and vibrant spaces increase the learning ability of children living in economically weaker communities.

Our initiative seeks to empower communities to create their own solutions. We have started this process through the youngest members of Kusumpur Basti, we have been nurturing skills that will make the children leaders of this change making process. With this goal in mind we focus on a lot of out of the box learning for the children.

We run an Explorer’s Club, where children learn about different countries of the world, We have a small library that allows children to read and even create their own stories, we sing and dance, we try to understand our gender, we talk to parents and adults in the community to embrace violence free ways of interacting with their children.

We have other ideas of growing plants and some vegetables and fruits inside the community, involve artists to create community art projects to shape the social geography of the community into a more interactive and beautiful space and many more projects that grow out of human experiences.We seek to build a deep bond with the residents of Kusumpur Pahari and work as one to create alternatives that are economical, ecological, ethical and equal.