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Diksha Foundation endeavors to create transformative learning spaces for children. To achieve this goal, we at Diksha strive to provide holistic education based on principles of inclusion, socio-cultural rejuvenation and innovation that use both traditional and modern technologies.


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What We Offer

Diksha Foundation was started with the goal to provide quality education to children who come from socially and economically disenfranchised communities. Since 2010 our movement has been towards creating vibrant learning spaces for children who most need them.Our work is deeply rooted in the idea of building inclusive communities with a special focus on the rights of children. Therefore we view our enterprise as an important intervention to create long lasting and sustainable change in the communities we work in.

We believe that education is a very powerful tool through which we can bring about self-transformation in the individual and change in the society. We do not think that our role is confined to make children recipients of information which may make them productive workers later; Our interest lies in creating an Eco-system where like minded people and institutions can collaborate with each other to fundamentally alter the way education is delivered in our country.

Our vision of a learning space closely subscribes to the Japanese Concept of BA. BA is a mutual space where knowledge is shared, created and utilized between actors. It can be either a physical, virtual or mental space, and it is both closed and open in the sense that it is characterized by certain boundaries but also by constant interaction with its environment. In addition to providing a space for knowledge processes, BA also provides the actors with energy. In our vision Diksha’s initiatives whether it be in our own centers, in different Government schools or in virtual online schools should ultimately lead to creation of a “BA”.

At Diksha, we communicate without barriers with each other in an unranked environment and have an eye for innovation and creativity. With the right balance between freedom and self-discipline we treat one another with equality, openness and work towards a shared vision of holistic education for all. We have an open culture where everyone is a contributor and comfortable to sharing ideas and opinions. In our weekly all-hands meeting over a cup of tea, all ask questions and seek answers irrespective of brackets and tags.

  • Non-violent learning spaces 95% 95%
  • Non-hiearchical classrooms 80% 80%
  • Creativity & Innovation Workshops 70% 70%

Our Approach

Creating vibrant learning spaces

We have put a lot of energy and thought into building the physical and mental aspects of our learning spaces. Our classrooms are filled with the creations of children and are happy and cheerful. Our team has worked to create non-violent classrooms where students are encouraged to fearlessly ask questions and seek answers. Age-old hierarchies between the teacher and the taught are broken down at our learning centres and our students are co-creators of their learning journeys.

Bridging the digital divide

We have been working to bridge digital divide by introducing Information and communication technological tools for children So they can directly access open source information to make up for the lack of traditional learning support.We learned that both our rural and urban communities need access to, and need to be comfortable with new kinds of technologies to effectively break out of the poverty cycle.

Being Creative

The hallmark of our children is their ability to think out of the box. They express boldly how they view the world around them, this has been the most rewarding aspect of our work.

Promoting volunteerism

Through engaging people in our work, we nurture the spirit of volunteerism. It has enabled them to move out of their comfort zones and engage with our communities.

Legal Status

Registration Details: Registration No: S/RS/SW/0019/2010 under the Societies Registration Act, 1860.
Donations to Diksha Foundation are tax exempt under section 80(G) of the Income Tax Act Vide Order Number: DIT(E)/2013-14/ D-1549/3792 Dated 25/10/2013.

What kind of communities do you work with?

We work with the children and youth of economically weaker sections and socially marginalized communities. We work in both urban and rural areas – our work is primarily concentrated in and around Patna, Bihar. Building relationships with our stake holders from different cultures is the key to building diverse communities that are powerful enough to achieve significant goals. Our ultimate goal is to build community ownership and play an active role in decision-making process.

Are they any volunteering opportunities?

Yes, we are constantly in the look out for people who are ready to devote time. We invite you to be a volunteer and contribute your time and efforts for the cause of education. As a volunteer you’ll join a team of dedicated people working hard to transform the world for children. And it’s a great way to meet like-minded people, learn a new skill from them. To volunteer email us at volunteer@dikshafoundation.org

How can one support the cause?

We accept both cash and in-kind donations. We are very proud of the support which we get from individual donors. We also welcome donation of books, old computers, study material, toys, etc. for our children. To donate please email us at donations@dikshafoundation.org

I spent six weeks in Patna, working with Diksha team and offering my experience to help them in their efforts to improve children education and conditions of life. I learnt a lot from the team and was really impressed by the atmosphere, children trusted these adults and they all appeared to me as a big family.

Laurence Altet

Early Childhood Teacher, Spain

पढ़े, सीखे, समझे बच्चे,
जीवन में आगे बढे बच्चे !!
नीत नई उचाईयो को छूकर,
बनकर तारे उभरे बच्चे !!

Anand Vardhan

Consultant, Deloitte

Taking responsibility is more important then complaints about problems.I feel Diksha Foundation team is doing a respective effort to create a responsible society for us 🙂

Satish Sameer


KHEL Patna

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